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Happy customer is our goal !

Kimbex, Ltd. has been supplying Czech market as a direct importer with high quality frozen fish stock and with various kinds of frozen sea food and specialties since 1991.

Long-term relationships with fishing flotillas and factories manufacturing raw fish enable us to screen the quality of the imported fish. In this way we can guarantee to our business partners that the supply will be stable and the standard will be maintained through out the year.

Kimbex focuses mainly on the mackerel, herring, salmon a codfish, herring fillets and fillets from codfish type of fish; among the specialties it is the prawns, scallops, seafood mix (cocktails), octopus, cuttlefish and the produce of fake crab meat – surimi and fish steaks made of  the fish such as salmon, tuna or shark.

Raw fish from all over the world is shipped to a large-capacity refrigerated stockroom in Ostrava where there is also an administrative head-quarter of the company and the production capacities. Here is where the products are packed with maximum attention to the actual consumer-size packages and wide assortment of the products is offered to business partners.

Since 2001 there has been a step-by-step reconstruction of the production site, maintenance and sanitary background and also a large-scale modernization of processing lines, which contributed to the fact that the Kimbex company got the approval to export its goods to the EU countries.

Our main business partners are the trading chains, the refrigerator wholesale businesses taking care of high-quality distribution to food-stores and to retailers, and the important delicatessen companies producing smoked fish and cooled fish salads.

Recently, we try to meet the market requirements and on the basis of demand we supply a wide range of retail packing and gastro-packing. On the basis of a long-term thorough cooperation with our business partners we try to give the best possible selling service and counseling, because to us even a small customer is of a big importance. The net of distributors has still been widening and each and every customer is welcome.

More and more consumers are becoming aware of the need to get back to the healthy life-style and the sea fish has certainly found their way.

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